Travel Tips for Colombia | How to Travel

Welcome to us, stay with us to get a surprise about the travel. We will cooperate to make your journey safe and fun. Apart from this, you can learn about the places of importance of different countries from our website. Because if you want to travel anywhere, you must keep an idea about that place, giving you the right idea. Here you get a detailed idea about traveling to Colombia (travel helpful) The beauty of Colombia is as beautiful as it is.  Colombia is a city that will appeal to you and with beauty.

When in Bogota go to the gold museum.  You can walk to the cable car to go to Monserrat from the center of town if you like walking.  A lot of taxi drivers understand a little English.

If you fly into Bogota don’t change your money at the money exchange there.  They absolutely rip you off. When you come out from picking up your bags you have to walk right past them. Keep going,  go left once outside. Go up the stairs and go left. There you will find an ATM.

What to watch

Go to the Emerald trading house. Here you can view raw emeralds of all colours and sizes. I could spend hours looking at them. I was taken by my friends in their car. Colombia is very cheap because of the exchange rate so get out your money and spend. It will go a long way. I have not yet visited all the other main cities but intend to. Friends have been to Medellin and from all accounts, it is a nice safe place to go.

You can catch a small sailing boat from Cartagena to Panama. If you go to Club Nautica in Manga they will put your name on a list.

People think that it is rather dangerous to go there and especially if you are female and travelling alone. I was right on the beach in the area called Bocagrande. I went to visit them again this year in Bogota.

In one corner before a bridge, there is a very neat night club, and it’s very popular too. Many Americans have brought homes within the old city and have done a great job of restoring them. It is a nice place to walk around to see them all. After all my travelling I think theirs is the best coffee.

Buying emeralds here means you will get a certificate of authenticity and from what mine they came and when.

Bogota is worth a visit but probably even more so if you have someone to show you around. We went past a big lake and then to some very high waterfalls. Sadly all the sewage from Bogota goes into this lake then over the falls.…

Gold Coast |Australia Travel Guide

Gorgeous beaches, majestic scenery as well as world-class restaurant and cafes can be discovered in the town. It is the ideal town if one wants to take a long walk or to ride a bike because the town prides itself of beautiful sights. The following article is designed to give basic accommodation and travel guide for those who would want to travel.


The Gold Coast has both a domestic and international airport, so it can be easily reached from all over the world. The Australian money is the currency used and foreigners can change their cash in a few agencies throughout the city.


The Gold Coast’s climate is really temperate, meaning the weather is nice all year long, with temperature averages from 17 to 26 degrees Celsius. This means that there are generally no extreme temperatures, so if a person travels in an off-peak season, they are probably going to still experience pleasant weather which is still acceptable for the beach!

When to Visit

The top seasons are during the summertime of Nov to January, when tourists wish to spend the Yuletide or New Year Holidays. The other favored travel periods are during Easter and all through September and October when Australian kids enjoy school holidays. The city’s cultural season is going full tilt on the months of September to Jan when many festivals and events are held. Airlines, hostels, and restaurants are cheaper and less crowded in the off-peak seasons and there also are some appealing events going on in this time of the year.

Where to Eat

Tourists the long range of cuisine available will not disappoint visiting the Gold Coast, with restaurants found on each corner. Another area worth checking out is the Broadbeach CBD, as it has a good range of delicious dining options, but further down the coast, the restaurants become fewer and further between.

What to See

The Gold Coast offers a good range of attractions – from wonderful beaches and resorts to theme parks. Theme parks like Dreamworld, Sea World, and the Warner Brothers. Picture World is only some family favorites. Other attractions that bring you closer to nature are O’Reilly’s Vineyard, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, and David Fleay’s Wildlife Park.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a relaxing holiday and don’t feel a bit like touring around, resorts such as the Chevron Renaissance in Surfers Paradise give holidaymakers the perfect solution for a relaxing summer holiday.

Where to stay

Adding to the sights and views that holidaymakers look forward to when visiting the Gold Coast, the first class and modern lifestyle accommodation is a must to experience. The Gold Coast has been famous for putting together luxury and price as well as comfort and style. There is a long selection of Gold Coast accommodation. that offers classy furnishings inside full security buildings, and undercover parking.…

Hawaii Vacation The Best Way To Plan a Trip

This indulgence is possible with the advantages of modern traveling conveniences, making a glimpse of heaven possible for everyone.

There are many ways to travel to Hawaii, in plans to suit any budget and taste. Traveling by air gets you to your vacation destination quickly.

A Hawaii vacation offers much more diverse opportunities than its name implies. Each of the islands is very different from its neighbors. When you decide to visit Hawaii on your holiday, you need to investigate the individual personality and character of the different islands, in order to choose the one that will best suit your own desires.

Experience the laid-back Hawaiian aloha attitude. The unique, stress-free island take on life is as refreshing to the harried traveler as the beautiful scenery. You can also view Volcanoes National Park and immerse yourself in water sports like surfing, swimming, kayaking, and scuba diving.

It offers many outdoor pastimes including golf, bicycle riding, and horse riding. There are a number of ranches that allow one to retreat from the typical Hawaiian island resort.

For a truly secluded getaway, a Lanai vacation may be just the thing. While tiny, this island still offers two elegant resorts, golf.

If you want a vacation that has beauty and tranquility, the Big Island, Maui, Lanai, or a combination of any of the six islands, is where you need to go.

Best Vacation Packages For Hawaii Adventures

Before giving your Hawaii vacation plan its final touches, make sure you have fully booked your accommodations in Hawaii Hotels. Keep in mind that coming to the Big Island of Hawaii is not an easy thing to pull off especially if you are armed with two or more kids.

To make your search for the best vacation packages easier, make it a point to browse through countless of reviews in the Internet. Likewise, check out the list of activities and adventures below that you and your kids will have fun doing while in The Big Island of Hawaii:

Captivating Beaches

Hawaii is actually gifted with so many beaches perfect for swimming as well as some snorkeling with the kids. If you are fond of these activities, make sure to check out Anaehoomalu Bay or the Kua Bay at Kona Coast State Park on the Kona side of Hawaii. Or better yet, take a peek of the Richardson Ocean Park, The Spa and Lash Studio Clearfield, and Onekahakaha Beach Park which can be found on the Hilo side.


Another great and exciting activity for you and your kids could be some dolphin-watching or better yet, swim with the dolphins if you know how to swim.

Atlantis Submarine

Or if you prefer getting a glance of the magnificent views of the blue clear waters without getting yourself wet. You will absolutely be amazed and mesmerized with the views you will see as you board the submarine. Imagine getting down into the water 100 feet deep to get a close look of the 25-acre natural coral reefs!…